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This evening, Monday 30th March 2015, Ms. Joan Kagezi, Ag. Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, was shot dead at 7:15 pm, near her residence in Kiwatule a city suburb as she drove home with her children.
She had stopped at a fruit stall by the road side where she normally stopped to purchase fruits, when the criminals riding on a motorcycle of boxer type, red in color, stopped next to the parked vehicle and shot her twice in the neck and shoulder, through the widow on the driver’s side. She was driving the vehicle herself.
The Director of CIID, Assistant Inspector General of Police Grace Akullo who by coincidence was driving some distance behind her, was the first police officer on the scene. She coordinated the evacuation of the deceased to Mulago hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Her three children who were with her escaped unhurt.
Ms. Joan Kagezi was in charge of the International Crime Division handling international crimes such as terrorism, war crimes, and trafficking in persons. At the time of her tragic death she was the lead prosecutor in the case of the 2010 terror suspects now before the High Court. She was, also working with the Police in the prosecution of the suspects in the recent spate of murders, robberies and terrorism in Busoga region and Kampala. Her death is a big loss to the country.
Immediately after the shooting, the police secured the scene, and interviewed eye witnesses who have given very useful information that will assist in the hunt for the murderers. We call upon any member of the public who may have any information relating to the incident to give it to the police, any other security officer or LC official.
In spite of this tragic incident of criminality, we call upon the public to remain calm but vigilant.
The murder of Joan Kagezi should only serve to increase our resolve to hunt down and bring to justice all those elements bent on disturbing the security and development of our country.

30TH MARCH 2015


  1. It is a pity that criminals are slowly taking over the control of our lives in Uganda.

    My observation is that motorcycles which started as a cheap means of transport helping the less privileged class are now the convenient means for the deadliest crimes committed in the country.

    My suggestions are as follows:

    Ground all motorcycles in the country for a week and require them to undergo an owner verification exercise with the aim of issuing fresh easily viewed identification placards to be mounted on the front and back of each motorcycle. These placards should have a code which identifies the area the motorcycle operates from
    After the verification exercise, the motorcycles can be allowed to operate but under strict monitoring.

    1. Ban the use of motorcycles between 6.30 pm and 630 am
    2. Police should be empowered to stop any motorcycle anytime for verification of its status
    3. Police should check bodaboda riders to ensure they do not carry guns,

    It is now clear that murders and robberies are being committed my these black angels because they can easily run away from the scene of crime and also they cannot be traced by police dogs.

    This is an urgent request to the IGP,

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