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The Territorial Police in SSembabule is actively searching for the owner of a pack of dangerous dogs that attacked and killed Matovu Dan a 6 year old boy, who was heading to the garden, where his mother was digging on the 2.11.2022 at around 6pm, at Kayunga “B” village, Manyama Parish Mitete sub-county in Ssembabule district.

The victim returned from Kyebongotoko school at around 4:30pm, and followed his mother to the garden. It was very unfortunate that while on his way to the garden, he came across a pack of dangerous dogs which attacked and inflicted fatal injuries on him. The mother of the victim, who responded to the alarm, found when the dogs had shredded all the clothes of the victim and his body covered with bite marks. Upon further checking, she found his lower abdomen ripped, letting out part of the intestines. The victim died at the scene.

We strongly appeal to anyone within Mateete who knows or has information that can lead us to the owner of the pack of deadly dogs, that killed an innocent primary pupil to avail it to us. This case illustrates that dog owners need to understand, not only their responsibilities, but also the potential liability both criminal and civil. If a dog owner, can not control, socialise, train and keep healthy his or her dog, there can be very serious consequences of causing death or injuries.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

7th November 2022

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