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The Directorate of Fire and Rescue Services, today 27.04.2022, at around 10.12am, made a rapid and prompt response to a fire at the Supreme Court, located at Plot 10, Upper Hill, in Kololo. The first firefighting crew that was dispatched from the Kololo Independence Grounds, arrived within five minutes and found heavy flames and smoke, coming from the Chambers of The Chief Justice. They immediately entered the building and aggressively started fighting the fire in the Chambers. They were joined by additional firefighters from the headquarters and quickly put out the fire within 30minutes.

Their efforts prevented the fire from spreading to the offices of His Lordship the Chief Justice and other adjacent office. We are grateful that there were no injuries or lives lost. Only furniture and the AC system, inside the Chambers got burnt. We want to greatly thank the firefighters, for saving the multibillion complex and other properties in the building from getting burnt. 16 crew members in four firefighting trucks attended to the scene.

The Director of CID, visited the scene with a team of experts from Forensics, Fire and Rescue, Electrical Engineers and Consultants to establish the cause of fire. A report revealing their findings will be released accordingly. We call upon the public to remain calm and further remind them to adopt better fire detection and protection measures. Remember fire can start anywhere and anytime. It is therefore, everyone’s role to fight fires.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

27th April 2022


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