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The KMP Traffic and Homicide Departments, are actively investigating the tragic and horrific incident of murder, which occurred following a minor traffic accident.  The facts gathered so far indicate that on the 17.10.2021, the police at Lungujja under Old Kampala, registered a senseless act of murder, on a motorist identified as Aziz Bashir, aged 40, which occurred near Lyna Primary School in Mengo.

The victim who was driving his motor vehicle, registration number UBK 393D, from Mengo to Natete, was involved in a minor accident, with a bodaboda rider, who brushed against his car.  The victim jumped out of his vehicle and tried to negotiate and prevail over the bodaboda rider, but all in vain.  The bodaboda rider instead rode away.

As a result the victim jumped into his vehicle, so as to pursue the rider, but was blocked from the front by other bodaboda riders.  During the process, he accidentally knocked two of the bodaboda riders, who had blocked his car and dragged one of the motorcycles, a distance of about one kilometer. The injured bodaboda victim, identified as Magala Hakim was rushed to Lubaga Hospital, for further treatment, by Ssemwanga Ivan, on bodaboda registration number UFJ 311G.

This led to a vicious chase by a gang of bodaboda riders, who caught up with the driver, at Lyna Primary School. He then jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to run, but was over powered by a gang of bodaboda riders who subdued and stoned him to death. Our response team from Lungujja, found when the culprits had fled off.   Sadly, the victim had succumbed to the injuries inflicted on him and died at the spot.

 This is not the first case where motorists especially bodaboda riders are accused of harassing other road users.  As we thoroughly investigate this matter, we call upon all motorists to strictly adhere to the traffic code and always remain law abiding.

So far 2 suspects, all boda-boda riders, have been arrested for their involvement in the violent murder.  We are now working towards the identity and arrest of all culprits involved; at the first scene, including the initial boda-boda rider, who brushed the victim’s car; those who gave him a chase, and beat him to death.  The body of the victim was transported to Mulago Hospital for further post mortem, while the motorcycle, registration number, UEJ515K and the motor vehicle, registration number, UBK393D, were transferred to Old Kampala Police Station and exhibited.

Like we have indicated, this is a tragedy that should not have happened.  It was triggered by strong emotions from both sides.  It also shows a complete lack of regard for the lives of other people by selected boda-boda riders.

Due to the many conflicts, arising out of traffic related incidents, the IGP has strongly condemned the continuous acts of impunity on our road.  He further tasked, the Director Traffic and Road Safety, to embark on  an aggressive type of traffic enforcement, targeting undisciplined and erratic motorists, especially boda-boda riders.

In addition, we are expanding our sensitization and awareness programs on anger management, in close coordination with all members of the transport sector, on how to use soft language and skills, recording incidents, and alerting the nearest police station.

Our hearts go out to the victim’s family and we shall ensure justice is secured, out of this tragic loss.

CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

18th October 2021


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