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During the previous week, police responded to 5 incidents of shooting, three of which arose out of anger and temperament, and the two out of reckless behavior. As a result, a police officer lost his life in a suicide by shooing, while two other victims were injured, to the thigh and shoulder respectively. They were rushed to hospital for treatment and out of danger.

As the Joint Security Agencies, we are continuously engaging our commanders and PSO stakeholders, on how to suppress aggressive conduct and reckless behavior, that are the major factor behind the string of shooting incidents. For instance, on the 23.05.2023 at around 5am, PC Kityo Alex attached to Makokota police post left his beat at the counter and went to the house of his supervisor, IP Kakoza, and fired 14 bullets at his house, fortunately the OC, his wife and child were not injured at all. The officer went to his room located 10 metres away, and committed suicide by shooting. The previous day, he had rung his wife in Bukwo district, claiming he had no house in the village and would do something bad the following day.

And then on the 24.05.2023, a one PC Okello Nelson Joel, attacked to Otuke CPS, reported for normal duties at around 6:30pm, and signed for an SMG shortly afterwards, he fired several bullets which led to his arrest and detention.

In East Kyoga and Kumi, the police are actively searching for PC Otyek Ikuret Emmanuel, for the attempted murder by shooting of a cattle dealer, Okia George William whom he suspected of having an extra-marital affair with his wife. The officer left his beat with a gun on the 24.05.2023, and went to his brother-in-law, called Obwin, a parish councilor of Kobil, with whom they woke up so early and went to his home, to trap his wife and her lover. On entering the house, he found no man in the house and decided to follow the suspect to the market where he deals in cattle. He selected a bull and convinced the seller to pick the money from his home. When the victim came for his money, he turned against him and accused him for having an extra marital affair with his wife. The officer drew out his pistol and shot at the victim but missed his narrowly. The victim escaped unhurt.


Again on the 25.05.2023, at around 7pm, at Victoria mews hotel, a one Manzi Robert a 24 year old security guard of Duck Hunter security services, tampered with a gun that was left behind by Obwalinga Michael, and discharged a bullet, at the entrance of Victoria mews hotel. The security guard had no knowledge in weapon training and was drunk. Both guards were arrested for neglect of duty.


Again on the 28.05.2023, at around 10:20am, a one Ogwang Nickson a 49 year old security guard of SGA security company, was allegedly confronted and assaulted by a one Buwembo Henry Kasule, while at his guard duty at Stabex petrol station. The security guard due to the provocation, fired a warning shot and a second bullet to the right thigh of the victim. During the shooting, a second victim, identified as Mukooza Charles, was also injured on the right shoulder. Both victims were rushed to hospital and out of danger. Suspect arrested and riffle recovered.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson


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