Police Condemns Parental Abuse in Child Murder

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The police is investigating two separate incidents of murders of juveniles who were assaulted by their fathers and died. The first incident occurred on the 6/10/2019, at around 10pm, at Kigogola Parish, Kasawo Sub-county, Mukono District, where a 10 year old, female juvenile, Nassanga Salma, was beaten for stealing food by her father, Sessanga Isma, a 44 year LCII Chairperson.  The victim became unconscious and was rushed to St. Francis Hospital for medical attention but was pronounced dead upon arrival.  The suspect was arrested and in custody at Nagalama Police Station.

The second incident occurred on the 7/10/2019 at Dyang village, Kikuube Parish Kiryandongo Sub-county and district, where Begarazo James, a 50 year old male adult, followed his two sons at around 11pm and found them loitering within the trading centre.  He took them home and started punishing them for staying out late.  During the process the victim, Wilson Kitegeka alias Lubega Nelson, attempted to flee and the father threw his walking stick, which hit the back of his head.  The victim bled from around 11pm till 3am when he succumbed to the injuries.  The suspect was arrested and is pending court.

Both victims were examined on post mortem and the cause of death revealed as blunt force trauma.  It is unfortunate that the victims died at the hands of their violent fathers.

We would like to caution all parents, who usually do not see anything wrong with sticks parenting methods; and use harsh punishments as a method of disciplining their children, that it is a form of child abuse and must be stopped. Such brutal beatings are a reminder to our children that even parents whom they see as guardians can also be dangerous.

We urge all members of the public to remain vigilant and on the lookout for closed families where children live in fear and always cover abuses against them. They are further advised to cooperate with other stakeholders in schools, neighbourhood, LCs, Probation and CFPU.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

14th October, 2019


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