Police Charges Officers for Disobedience of Lawful Orders

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The police in its disciplinary court sitting of Thursday, 21st march 2019 , charged 17 officers with the disciplinary offence of disobedience of lawful orders . The misconduct arose when on the 13th January 2019, they without good and sufficient cause neglected and omitted to report for a training course at Police Training School Kabalye ,Masindi that had been ordered by the director human resource administration in his communication dated 02/01/2019 under ref 174/225/01/14

During the status hearing 10 officers pleaded guilty, while 07 others pleaded not guilty.

The officers include one gazetted officer ,ASP Oyesigyire Peter, 05 Inspectorates  IP luwuliza Emmanuel , D/AIP Bongo Moses , D/AIP Emadu Charles , D/AIP Chuma Charles , AIP Nyende George  and eleven other ranks who included  D/SGT Kanzira Stuart , SGT Kalule Livingstone , D/CPL Anguduzu Joseph , D/CPL Ipurale John Paul , D/CPL Wandera Denis,CPL Kapere Samson , D/CPL Bwambale Sezi , D/C Namaganda Zuwena , D/C Eyotu Robert , D/C and Kanana Yona.

The formal disciplinary process is to help deal with mistakes and misconduct, and help the defaulters once proven guilty to stay within the boundaries of acceptable behavior learning from their mistakes.

We want to add that the purpose of punishment is to deter future misconduct by officers who are found to have violated force policies and to send a message to others that such behavior will not be tolerated.


CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force



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