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The Minister of internal Affairs Gen. Aronda Nyakayirima launched the 6 months action packed police centenary celebrations at Serena Hotel last evening to the awe of all those present.

The chief guest at the launch and the marathon Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of the Uganda Parliament made a huge pledge to ensure better legislation for all Ugandans, in particular the victims of the acid attacks. A number of the acid victims were present to speak for themselves at the John Akii-Bua Police Centenary marathon early yesterday (Sunday) morning at Kololo Airstrip. The marathon aimed at honouring the memory of the late John Akii-Bua, one heroic policeman who brought glory to Uganda by winning the first gold medal at the 400m huddle at the Olympics in Munich in Germany in September 1972. The proceeds of the marathon, to a tune of 36,000,000 Uganda shillings are to be given as charity to all acid attack survivors in Uganda.
The chief host of the function was the minister of Internal Affairs Gen. Aronda Nyakayirima. In his speech, the Hon. Minister congratulated the police upon the past achievements and reiterated that a lot more still has to be done to promote Uganda as an investible destination for all interested investors.

In his words the minister said, “Alongside other security forces, Uganda police force will ensure they promote security and safety of our people and their property. Equally they should show their contribution to protection of sovereignty of independent Uganda. The future can only be bright. Police has done well in responding to distress calls, investigating crimes, community policing, traffic control and crime prevention among others. They found out that your contribution towards national development has been realized and is being consolidated. I thank you IGP and the entire police force…”

The Hon. Minister by launching the police centenary celebrations paved way for a series of projects and activities to be carried out in the course of the 6 months leading to the grand finale celebrations on 03.10.2014, the week Uganda commemorates her independence from the British colonial rule.

Key among the activities to mark 107 years Uganda police has been in existence will be:
1. Co-operate social responsibility
2. Rectification campaign to make good what was done wrong in the past where the late IGP Erinayo Oryema will be given a reburial with full honours.

3. Increasing public awareness in areas of:

• Human trafficking
• Narcotics
• Traffic and road safety
• Counter terrorism
• Police health services
• Police fire and rescue services
• Field force unit operations
• Canine unit services
• Child and family protection campaign

These activities will set the pace for the grand finale event where the awarding of police medals and awards to all that contributed significantly and heroically to the growth of the institution over the years will be given.
The Inspector Gen. of police at the launch called upon all police personnel to “repent” and act professionally so as to serve Ugandans better. In his opening remarks, Gen. Kale Kayihura said, “…Let me begin by thanking God who has enabled us as a country , a people to survive and prosper over this long journey to mark 107 years today in spite of all the challenges we went through…” The IGP emphasized the police mandate to;
• Protect life and property
• Preserve law and order
• Prevent and detect crime
• Corporate with civilian authority and other security organs established under the constitution and with the population generally.
As the chief guest, Gen. kale Kayihura on behalf of the Uganda police extended a willing hand to rectify past mistakes so as to correct history and pave way for the necessary transformation of the Uganda police.
Among the symbols unveiled at the launch were:
• The centenary celebrations theme “From colonial policing to community policing: a century of challenges achievements and transformation”
• The centenary flag and
• The centenary torch to signify a re-birth of the institution. The torch will be carried alight throughout all the districts of Uganda
Polly Namaye
Ag. ACP Press and Public Relations
Deputy PRO
26th May 2014



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