Police Cautions FDC Supporters

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The Uganda Police Force has this afternoon cautioned forum for democratic change (FDC) supporters against staging unlawful processions, convoys, and stopovers along Entebbe road while welcoming back Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

While addressing the media at Naguru, the police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi warned those mobilizing people to come in processions, convoys and to have stopovers along Entebbe road that all they are planning to do is illegal and unlawful.

Kaweesi said that FDC wrote to the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura informing him of the planned return of Dr. Kiiza Besigye which was scheduled on the 29th September 2016. They were requesting for police to regulate their movements and provide security which police agreed upon with the exception of processions and convoys as the official position as per the arrangement of 29th September 2016.

“When it came to 29th-09-2016, up-to-today we have not got any communication that there was a change of programme. Only to hear this from our intelligence sources and from the media platforms that Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s return was rescheduled to 3rd October 2016, and there is no formal communication to that effect.” Kaweesi explained.

He said that, the FDC party ought to have informed the police formally about the change of programme if they realized that their party member was not returning on the 29th September 2016, as earlier on scheduled saying they could not leave this to guess work.

He added that those doing the mobilization are saying that they are welcoming H.E. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the peoples’ president.

“This is treasonous. This is criminal and whoever is doing that will face a full weight of the law and will be charged with treason,” warned Kaweesi.

He reiterated that Uganda has one sovereign authority and the president saying that no other person can claim to be president unless is proclaimed to be so by the law.

“So, those who are pronouncing this, those who are claiming to be mobilizing in that direction are doing it unlawfully,” said Kaweesi.

He further noted that police is aware of all those that are mobilizing the public to commit crime saying that they are being led by Ms Ingrid Turinawe to assemble on Entebbe road unlawfully. He added that while mobilizations are not a problem, what they are doing will result into commission of crime.

He assured the public that Police using detection and prevention duty, will not allow that to happen.

Public Assurance

  • Kaweesi informed the media that police is going to ensure that Entebbe road is properly secured for normal flow of traffic.
  • That the central business district will remain undisrupted, business has to continue normally.
  • That the road going to Gayaza and Kasangati will remain normal and traffic will flow normally.
  • That using proactive means, police is going to arrest and apprehend any groups of people, all individuals that are involved in inciting the public to be violent and to actually commit crime.




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