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The territorial police in Sironko has registered 6 cases of theft, arson, destruction of property, and house break-ins, in the last two weeks.
The cases have all these been resolved and suspects arrested with the help of police canine that successfully helped to trace, recover and identify criminals behind the acts.
The first case was that of theft of metallic fencing bars of the Sironko District Headquarters. Our K9 Berlin was introduced at the scene of crime, and led us for about 02 kilometers to the home of one Alex and Kirumira Sharif. Exhibits were recovered in the scrap store and the two arrested.
In Napio village, Lulen sub-county, Sironko district, a case of theft of matooke, was reported vide Sd ref 06/10//01/2022 of Bugusege Police Station.
Our K9 Berlin was also introduced at the scene of crime, and led our teams for 02 kilometers to house of one Weteka Musamiro, where exhibits were recovered and the suspect arrested.
Another case was in Bufuba Village Masaba, where theft of onions from the garden of a one Wetebe Jackman was reported Vide Sd ref 04/14/01/2022. Similarly, the K9 Berlin was introduced at the scene of crime and led our officers for 02 kilometers to the home of one Weteka Stephen. Exhibits were recovered from his kitchen and the suspect apprehended.
At Totor village in Kabarwa Sub county, Bukedea district, a case of Arson to the grass-thatched house of one Opolot Wilison was reported. The police K9 led us for about 100 meters to the home of one Ojakol Tom, who upon, arrest confessed to having committed the crime and told our officers that it was his sister that sent him to burn the house of the co-wife to the complainant. He too was arrested.
Meanwhile at Bikajo cell, a case of theft of maize from the garden was reported. Our K9 Berlin was introduced at the scene of crime, led us for about one kilometer to the home of Wabukaka Moses. Exhibits were recovered.
The K9s/ sniffer dogs play an important role in supporting investigations. We therefore call upon the public not to always tamper with scenes of crime to help the dogs get the right scents/ traces that can easily be picked by dogs and get the probable culprits.

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