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Detectives at Kampala Metropolitan Police are holding five suspects on allegations of Obtaining Money by false pretence through fraudulent sale of Land.
The suspects include Kintuze Ronald, Yiiga Vicent, Waswa Brian, Mugalya Moses and Kasozi Peter .
These were arrested by our officers at KMP after Mbabazi Asilat complained about a group of thugs who had lured her into a transaction on a piece of land located in Nakasajja Dundu in Mukono pretending to be the original owners.
The thugs took money amounting to Ugx55 million from her on 14/4/2022.

How do they lure unsuspecting victims into these dubious Land transactions?

Our detectives have established that the group of criminals always identify the land that has been put on market in a particular area especially in Mukono, they then forge the national ID, land title and Sim card of the real owner of the land.
In this particular case, documents belonging to Dr Ahmed Ziwa a Professor at Makerere University who is the real owner of the land were forged.
The thugs later identify buyers and if the buyers fail to do due diligence on the owners, their money is taken. We have also established that the prices of the pieces of land being sold to victims by these thugs are always at a lower price compared to what the real owner is selling, making the deal good for the unsuspecting buyers.
Other victims have come up at Kampala Metropolitan Police Headquarters to complain about the same group and we believe many other victims could be out there.
We, therefore, appeal to members of the public especially those interested in purchasing land to always do due diligence while purchasing the land and also to be on the lookout of prices other people would sell land in the same area.
We are also looking into how they forged these documents and who aided them in the forgery. We call upon those who could have fallen victim of the said men to come to KMP headquarters.
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