Police at Jinja Road Opens Inquiry into Violent Incident at UN Offices

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We wish to inform the public that today, 17.02.2021, the National Unity platform (NUP) President, Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert, successfully submitted his petition to the United Nations Human Rights offices, located at Prince Charles Drive, Kololo in Kampala. The petitioner was scheduled to appear with three other members due to the anti-covid 19 protocols. He, however, disregarded the guidelines and held an illegal procession and assembly involving bodabodas, motor vehicles and supporters walking on foot.
Although we respect the rights of citizens to freely assemble and express themselves, the health and safety of all Ugandans and visitors, and rule of law remains our top priority. As a reminder, all unlawful rallies, assemblies and processions are still restricted under the health protocols in place.
Therefore, due to the acts of overcrowding at the security perimeters near the UN offices, there was a great potential of breaching the security perimeter, which led to additional reinforcement that helped disperse the uncontrolled crowds.
Unfortunately, a few people sustained injuries including journalists. We have opened an inquiry at Jinja Road Divisional Headquarters, to establish the circumstances under which the victims were injured. The findings will inform management on the next course of action.

SP Patrick Onyango

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