Police Arrests Two For Impersonation

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The Uganda Police Force recently arrested two fraudsters who have been extorting money from the unsuspecting members of the public by disguising as members of the police flying squad unit.

This was revealed in a press briefing held by the police spokesperson Fred Enanga while he was addressing journalists at police headquarters in Naguru. The two were identified as Nduga Mohamed and Kakuru Nathan, all residents of Kalerwe and Mpererwe.

The thugs have been calling relatives of their victims to send money through mobile money services in order to have their relatives back. They have been operating in the areas of Mengo and Kalerwe respectively.

“It comes as a result of continued complaints from the public that members of the flying squad are engaged in arrests and extortion of money from the public. An operation was carried out and two were arrested,” said Fred Enanga.

The two have been masquerading as police officers under the flying squad unit using forged police warrant cards to intimidate their victims.

“It is illegal to impersonate a police officer for purposes of deception and defrauding the public,” said Fred Enanga.

The two are in police custody to help in investigations and to help in identifying others involved in the vice.

He cautioned the public to be vigilant whenever people claiming to be police officers confront them.






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