Police arrests Killers Of Special Hire Driver

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Police in Kampala is holding two suspects identified as Lutasingwa Simon and Sonko Patrick on allegations of Murder and Aggrevated Robbery of one- Ahimbisibwe James.

It is alleged that on 6th April 2021 at Buremba stage in Mbarara city, the supects hired James (Deceased) to drive them to an unknown destination.

James drove them but never returned, prompting his family and friends to report the matter to Mbarara Police Station.

Incidentally, On 7th April 2021, a body was found at Bwaziiba near Kasana, Luwero and burried at Kasana Hospital cemetery for lack of identification from locals.

On 10th April information was received that there was somebody selling a seemingly looking new car at UGX 4 million only.

Flying squad team responded and arrested the seller who coincendentally was identified as Lutasingwa Simon.

Upon further interrogation, Lutasingwa revealed that him and Sonko had robbed the same vehicle from Mbarara. They also revealed the place where they had disposed off the body.

Flying squad has since established that the body belonged to Ahimbisibwe James.

Police has secured an exhumation order to have the body for DNA profiling.

The suspects will be charged with murder and aggrevated robbery.

Police totally condemns these mischievous acts of criminality.

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