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The Police in Mbale has in custody, a driver, who forms part of an organized crime syndicate, dealing in fake US Dollar Currency, and targeting unsuspecting clients, taking cash deposits or those who are from making cash withdraws at Banks.  The driver identified as Buloni James, was intercepted at 3 miles checkpoint at Mbale road, while driving a Toyota white car, registration number UBF287Q and arrested.  The motor vehicle was impounded.

The driver and two of his accomplices, who are on the run, approached Okello, a manager of Stabex Petrol Station, on the 30.09.2021, while he was proceeding to deposit Ugx 15m at Equity bank.  They enticed him with a fake note of USD50, and told him it was worth an equivalent of Ugx35m.  They proceeded to a restaurant at Bazaar Street where they exchanged the USD 50 for Ugx 15m.

As the 3 occupants were driving off, the victim suspected foul play and jumped on the car bonnet.  He clang on to the bonnet, while yelling for help.  Several responders tried to intervene and the suspects threw cash at them, thus disrupting their pursuit.  They attempted to swerve the vehicle, so that the victim falls off but in vain, till when they were intercepted at the checkpoint, where he was rescued and rushed to Valentine clinic for First Aid treatment.  The officers impounded to the vehicle and arrested the driver.  A total of Ugx 7m was recovered after the two other occupants threw the bag at him and jumped out of the car with part of the cash, leaving the driver alone.

Crimes like these are despicable, because they target unsuspecting clients, whom they will tempt in every way to get their hand on your cash.  They have tricked so many people in Bugembe and other upcountry towns, where their tricks are not well known.  They often target elderly persons, new mangers, local villagers, clients to and from banks.

Although the victim initially handed over the Ugx15m, upon realizing the USD was fake.  He jumped on the car bonnet and clang on it for a distance of 3 miles.  We are grateful to the victim.

We urge all citizens and visitors to the country to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity or fraudulent transaction.  The Police and Sister Agencies are committed to bringing to Justice, fraudsters who are preying on citizens using fake dollars, during this trying moment.

We will continue to work together with Banks, Forex Companies, the business community, to prevent this kind of abuse, as well as continue our outreach efforts to make the public aware of fake dollar scams and other get-rich-quick frauds.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

4th October 2021

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