Police Arrest

Press Release

Police Professional Standards unit together with the criminal investigations department (CID) in Rukungiri are investigating an aggravated robbery carried out at Bwambara in Rukungiri district in which two people fell victim.

Preliminary investigations point to misuse of an SMG riffle by police officers who have been arrested namely AIP Ninsima Alex number 53087, Twongyirwe, detective Mwesigye Edison, Mugisha Benson (whose phone was found at the scene). Among the exhibits recovered at the scene were; two rounds of ammunitions, one cartridge, and one phone.

The gun suspected to have been used in this robbery alongside the items recovered from the scene has been exhibited.

Police has visited the victims who were initially admitted at a Bikulungu clinic with injuries and extracted their statements. Crimes of aggravated robbery and disciplinary charges of discreditable conduct have been instituted against these suspects. Investigations continue and whoever has more information on this matter should forward it to the police nearest to them.

Credit goes to the “wanainchi” who gave reliable and timely intelligence information to the police.

Namaye Polly
Ag. ACP Press and Public Relations
Deputy PRO


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