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The Directorate of CID has charged to court the District Registration Officer –NIRA, attached to Kole district, for alleged abuse of office, after it was established, that in the year 2021, while deployed in Kole district as the District Registration Officer, with all the necessary registration kit, a one Asiimwe Fabby Innocent, without authorisation moved the registration kit from Kole district to Kampala and used it to register people, outside his jurisdiction contrary to NIRA procedures and guidelines.

The kit was used to register both Ugandan and Foreign Nationals, most of whom, presented forged documents at the time of registration. Some of the registered persons were registered during late hours of the night, contrary to NIRA guidelines. Much as the suspect could have pursued the abuse of office for profit, such crimes are often means to other ends, such as terrorism, money laundering and trafficking in persons.

The suspect is scheduled to appear before the Anti-corruption division at Kololo, for Abuse of Office C/S 11(1) of the Anti-corruption Act, as amended.

As the UPF we will continue to work with our Law Enforcement Partners, to hold accountable, those who manipulate the National Identification System, on which so many people depend. In this very aspect, the officer violated the Oath he took to serve and protect, and unlawfully register persons, outside his jurisdiction, whom he was not authorised to register.

The Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is committed to protecting the integrity of the National Identity Documents issued by NIRA.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

1st Aug 2023

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