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As you are aware, today 7.02.2022, 6pm, marks the end of curfew restrictions on movement of bodabodas and the curfew in general.  This now makes the night economy fully complete, where all members of the public can move without any restrictions.  We want to congratulate all stakeholders in the sector, because bodabodas are the most flexible means of transport over short and medium distances.  Therefore, a significant night workforce, travelers, revelers and transporters, who rely on bodabodas, can now return to their previous timings of movement.

Although some saw the curfew as an inconvenience, extreme measure and imposition of freedoms. It was one of those interventions among other lockdown measures, that were effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19. We must therefore, appreciate the usefulness of the curfew in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  As the Joint Security Agencies, we want to thank each and everyone who complied with the curfew provisions and our enforcement mechanisms.  Hopefully, with time the public will reflect and recognize the contribution of the security agencies and other frontline workforces, in fighting COVID-19 in Uganda.

We urge the public to continue being cautious as we live with the virus, especially in public places, since the risk of COVID-19 still exists.

The end of the curfew now means Law Enforcement Agencies, can fully return to policing the community, more broadly.  All our manpower and logistical resources will be directed to fighting traditional and other emerging crimes in the country.

Despite the fact that bodabodas play a big role in transporting passengers, it is an industry that is not well regulated and thus infiltrated with criminal elements as well.  For instance, in the past we have registered complaints of Child Kidnaps, rape, broad-day gang, robberies, ride along murders and assassinations, smash and grab offences, theft of motorcycles and other conspiracies.

We want to remind the public to be cautious, due to the high risks associated with travelling at night.  Ensure the riders follow routes you are conversant with, watch out for unnecessary stop overs under the guise of receiving calls, and disguise of running, out of fuel.  Also watch out for bodabodas following you, those with tilted number plates, faded number plates etc.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

7th February 2022

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