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The Territorial Police in Mutundwe is actively investigating a shocking incident of Child Abuse and Torture, of Nagawa Christine, a 16-year-old female juvenile, who was working as a maid at the home of Mariam Nalwadda, in Namere Kitebi.  She was brought from her home district in Kiboga by her uncle in 2017, and handed over to Nalwadda Mariam for work as a maid.

The team of investigators has established that on the 13/05/2021, Mariam Nalwadda and her sister Rehema Mulungi, accused the victim for being lazy and not giving much attention to the baby whenever she cried.  They caused her to lay down on the floor, poured paraffin on her dress, and set it on fire, thus inflicting serious injuries to her back, buttocks, breasts, and thighs. The victim also narrated previous ordeals where she was burnt with a hot flat iron.

The suspects who are her employers attempted to sweep the matter under the rug by concealing it, but were forced to rush the victim due to her worsening conditions to Edwinton Medical Services, Nateete where she is getting treatment.  They had warned the victim against revealing what had happened to her to anyone including the Doctor.  So far, one suspect Murungi Rehema, a sister to the landlady Nalwadda Mariam is arrested and in custody.  Efforts are in place to trace for Mariam Nalwadda who is on the run.

We are also interesting ourselves in the act of her Uncle, who brought her from the village in Kiboga, for casual employment as a housemaid, 4 years back when she was only 12 years well knowing that the law in Uganda forbids Children from working.  Many homes, factories, and businesses continue to hire children whom they often exploit and abuse.

As the Police, we encourage maids and children in particular not to fear reporting cases of abuse against them to police, LCI, or any other sister security agency.  Our CFPU is going to strengthen its network with all child defenders, to help devise better ways of protecting vulnerable children who are often victimized.




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