Murder: Two Arrested

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RUKIGA -We are investigating circumstances under which a 40 year old woman was murdered by mob.

The deceased has been identified as Kangume Santurina of Katungu Cell, Kafunjo parish in Kashambya Sub County.

The incident happened on July 2, 2018 around 4pm.

A resident of the area, Gideon Tayebwa is said to have died mysteriously on 1/7/2018 and it was suspected that he was bewitched by Santurina.

Against the above background, a group of about 20 people mobilized themselves, went to her home but incidentally did not find her.

However, they decided to go to her mother’s place at Kanyabugunga Cell, a neighboring village, from where they found her hiding in a house.

She was removed prompting her assault.

The deceased was dragged to a nearby village and killed.

Police rushed to the scene and arrested two people namely; Andrew Arinitwe and Richard Tusimomwe while others are still at large.

Postmortem has been done at the site by police surgeon.

The matter has been recorded vide SD 06/02/07/2018 as further investigations continue.

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