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Motorists have been strongly advised to utilize emergency warning signs while in transit. The call was made by the Superintendent of Police (SP) Kananura Michael, the Spokesperson for Traffic Road and Safety Directorate, during a media briefing on September 2, 2023.

“All vehicles must carry two Emergency Warning Signs on board in accordance with Section 7 of the Traffic and Road Safety (Reflectors) Regulations, 2012.” Kananura emphasized.

He also explained that these signs are deployed when a vehicle encounters challenges on the road, signaling other road users of the hazard ahead.

The signs, triangular in shape with reflectors, must be positioned both in front and behind the vehicle, at least 45 meters away.

Describing the specifications, Kanamura stated that, “The triangular shape shall have each side measuring at least 30cm, constructed from reflective materials, painted red, and equipped with reflectors at each corner.”

He maintained that during routine checks at Fika Salama checkpoints, any motor vehicle found without these reflectors will face penalties.

In the latest Fika Salama Extra operation for September, he reported that 380 drivers were caught exceeding speed limits along Kampala-Entebbe Expressway, captured by CCTV cameras, and penalized with an express fine of 200,000/=.

For driving under the influence of alcohol, 474 offenders were apprehended across various Kampala Metropolitan stations, detained overnight, fingerprinted, and issued an express penalty of 200,000/=.

Regarding road accidents, Kananura stressed the need for cautious road usage, citing careless overtaking and speeding as significant causes. He highlighted the mandatory use of crash helmets for riders, with non-compliance resulting in arrest.

Kananura urged both drivers and riders to abstain from driving in poor visibility conditions caused by bad weather, such as rain or fog. In such situations, he emphasized the importance of using dipped headlights to enhance recognition of oncoming vehicles by fellow drivers.

SP Kananura expressed gratitude to those reporting traffic violations and complaints through the police Toll-Free Number 0800199099,

“We thank all those who have reported bad driving through social media platforms, and we have taken steps to have most of these drivers apprehended. We call upon the public to remain vigilant and report indiscipline.”

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