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The Directorate of CID in coordination with Luwero Police have charged to court, a mother of three, with the Aggravated Torture of her 2-year-old daughter. The mother /housewife identified as Nabulime Dorothy, aged 22 was captured in a video that went viral, while repeatedly beating her two-year-old daughter, with a sandal at their home in Busula “A” village, Wobulenzi. The victim fell down from the basin and instead of helping her up, the suspect continued beating the victim even when she struggled to climb back into the basin. While in the basin, she further beat and forced her to scrub herself and bathe.

As you are all aware, the video shocked many Ugandans and caused a stir on social media. The mother showed no sympathy, compassion and love, expected from a mother towards her 2-year-old daughter. Upon arrest, she was subjected to a mental health check and found to be very normal.

We have further established that the suspect has 3 children from 3 separate relationships. Her first born of 4 years, was from her first relationship with Kivumbi Christopher, the second born of 2 years, who is the victim, was from a second relationship with a manfriend, whose identity she totally refused to reveal. And the third child of four months, is from her third relationship with Male Isaac. We believe her anger towards her 2 year daughter, Gift, is transferred from the broken relationship with her father. Surprisingly, the suspect accords her other two children, aged 4 years and 4 months, respectively, very good treatment.

What’s encouraging is that the victim was medically examined and her injuries classified as harm with no internal grave injuries. She has started playing normally with other children in Luwero. Efforts are now in place by the Child and Family Protection Unit, to establish the true identity of her father and explore the possibility of a reunion. Where the process fails, there are additional plans of settling the victim in a shelter home, with better child welfare programs.

We are meanwhile tracing for the step father to the victim, Male Isaac with whom she was staying, for further interrogation, on as to why he did not take sufficient action in stopping the prolonged acts of torture by his wife against his step-daughter.

All members of the public are encouraged to fight child torture in their communities, due to the devastating effects it causes children. Some of the long-lasting implications of child torture are mental and physical heath damage, stress disorders, anxiety, depression, aggressiveness, drugs/alcohol or suicidal thoughts, trust issues and fear.

We therefore, encourage the public to report to the nearest police unit, any concerns of child torture and abuse, for the immediate attention of our Child and Protection Units.  As the suspect goes to court, we pray that the court forbids her from having any unsupervised contact with the victim. And also prohibit her from contacting her new family, foster family or shelter home.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

5th September 2022

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