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During the previous week, we registered more incidents of child murders arising out domestic violence thus making children more vulnerable in domestic settings.  The first incident occurred in Kamuli district, where a one, Mukisa Yusufu, aged 47, went to the home of Nangobi Benitah, aged 27, with whom he has three children, Ssajabi Benjamin, aged 12, Nankya Joan aged 9 and Kubonaku Prossy, aged 8.  She found his wife not around and was told she was staying with her sister in Kayunga district.  The suspect got angered, picked a panga and hacked the 3 children; unfortunately, the youngest Kubonaku Prossy, aged 8 succumbed to the injuries. The other two children were rushed to Kamuli Regional Referral Hospital. The suspect was arrested.

Another incident of child murder occurred in Kayunga district, where a one Suuna Moses Male, of Nakivubi village, Seta Nyizi parish, Kangulumira sub-county in Kayunga district, hit Ssekyanzi Ramathan, aged 4 with a blunt object at the back of the head, killing him instantly.  The suspect escaped and a serious manhunt for him is ongoing.  His motive will be established upon arrest.

The Territorial Police in Sironko, has in custody a one Mwambu David, a 36-year-old peasant of Zehuju village, Bumalimba parish for the murder of his 3-month-old daughter, Nadunga Harriet Mercy.  And in Ibanda district, a two-year-old, female juvenile, fell in a trench of water, while playing with her friends after the rains, at Rwemeire cell 2, Karangara ward, Ibanda Municipality.  The victim Amanio Derin, could not be rescued by her fellow young children and she drowned and died.

Child homicides are common among parents or parents substitutes such as step fathers and step mothers.  Most of them are driven by stress factors including financial, housing, marital problems, social isolation, use of illegal substances such as alcohol and drugs and psychological disorders.

We want to urge local leaders and the community to watch out for parents who direct their anger to children especially where they are not biological parents and become jealous, in situations where the young children are given more attention by their mothers, where children are excessively punished as a result of discipline and where mothers are too depressed and threaten to kill their children in their best interest, so that they do not suffer.  And alert the Child and Family Protection Unit or local leaders for immediate action.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

16th May 2022

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