The Mityana crowd at Caltex junction was peaceful

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On Friday 13th June 2014, the Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi passed through Mityana district, meeting and greeting his subjects on his way to Mubende where on Saturday 14 June 2014 the bikaka bya baganda football tournament would take place.

As always, the police in the various places where the Kabaka was to pass prepared in time to secure his safe transit through their areas of jurisdiction. The district police commander Mityana, SP Kintu Henry deployed his personnel at every point where the Kabaka was to pass and ensured that the police secured all the people present to meet the Kabaka.

At Caltex junction, a crowd had gathered waiting to greet their Kabaka on his way to Mubende. Several people used this opportunity to greet and address the crowd. Hon. Sylvia Namabidde also addressed the gathering and after her address, the master of ceremonies made mention that there were other aspirants to the Mityana woman member of Parliament such as Madam Judith Nabakooba (CP) who at the time was not present at the venue.

A Redpepper reporter in the Redpepper of 20th June 2014 erroneously reported that on 13th June 2014 CP Nabakooba Judith was present in Mityana at the Caltex junction which was false. The reporter also wrote that there was chaos which resulted into police using tear gas. This was also wrong since there was no provocation from any one and the Kabaka travelled through Mityana to Mubende and back without any such incident.

It is also evident that the photos used by the reporter were taken at the masaza tournament on 14th June 2014 the next day which CP Nabakooba attended and yet the article spoke of chaos the previous day. This obviously gave off a wrong impression that needs to be corrected such that the fruitful visit of the Kabaka amidst competent security is not down played unnecessarily.

Polly Namaye
Ag. ACP Press and Public Relations
Deputy PRO

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