Minor Correction on Terror Alert

Press Release

We have received intelligence information that terrorists belonging to the Al Shaba bab group are planning to attack Uganda by hitting fuel tankers on transit, fuel depots and stations.

Uganda Police Force and its sister security agencies have activated and enhance the following counter measures:

1.We have identified fuel tanker stop overs and parking places like: Naluwerere, Mbiko, Lugazi, Nakawa, Buwama, Lyantonde, Ruti, Rubaale, Karuma, Elegu and any other areas within the country, and we have deployed adequately in these places both overt and covert personnel.
2.With immediate effect we are escorting all fuel tankers from Busia and Malaba borders in convoy by our Counter Terrorism Officers in liaison with the Territorial Commanders of the area in which these tankers are passing, and Integrated Highway Police up to Multiple ICD Nakawa, Kampala.
3.Fuel deliveries in Kampala Metropolitan area shall be done under escort by Counter Terrorism Police and Kampala Metropolitan Police at night from 9:00pm to 6:00am and NOT during day.
4.We are engaging all fuel dealers and truck drivers to comply with this counter measures.
5.We are also guarding all fuel stations and depots throughout the country.
6.We shall also enhance focused counter terrorism deployments, foot and motorised patrols, surveillance and intelligence operations in the country.
However, we call upon the general public to be vigilant and report any suspicious people/objects in their areas.
We advise the public not to panic, as we are hunting for these evil elements, with a view of arresting and prosecuting them.

Patrick Onyango
Deputy Police Spokesperson


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