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The Territorial Police in Kihihi, is actively investigating circumstances under which a man died in an eating contest, during an amateur eating competition that was organized by Salvan and others, on the night of 25.12.2021.  The deceased has been identified as Sentekola Gad, a 56-year-old, resident of Kibimbiri cell, Kabuga – Kihihi Sub county in Kanungu district.  The victim’s body was taken to Kihihi Health Centre IV, where it was established that he choked to death.

The public should know that such contests are risky and can be life threatening.  The common type of contests, are eating and alcohol drinking contests. Under normal circumstances, the organizers of the event should have the competitors informed about the risks and also put measures in place to protect them, like having medical personnel on board.

In this very case, the organizers were amateurs, who conducted on eating competition for the contestants, to eat much food within a very short time, without any safety precautions. As a result, the hunt for Salvan and other organisers from Kibimbiri cell is on. They are to be charged for negligent acts likely to cause death.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

27th December 2021

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