Make use of Exodus SACCO, officers told

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The Chief Political Commissar, SCP Hadijah Namutebi, who doubles as the Chairperson, Exodus SACCO Supervisory Committee has urged officers to embrace and make good use of the SACCO.

SCP Namutebi was this afternoon meeting with officers from Nsangi policing area together with a team of officers from the Exodus SACCO headquaters.

“Sacco is a welfare scheme by the Police top management. Adopt a saving culture and acquire cheap loans that will help you set up projects to supplement your salaries. Salary alone can not be enough yet we have increasing demands,” SCP Namutebi said.

According SCP Namutebi, the Sacco has embarked on a sensitization campaign aimed at building trust, sharing ideas, updating members on Sacco activities and bridging the information gap as one of the key issues so that members are updated with all the developments in their Sacco.

SCP Namutebi informed the officers of a memorandum of understanding with the Duty Free shops to help officers put up their own homes by acquiring building materials at affordable prices.

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