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The Police in Katwe is actively investigating a case of Aggravated Human Trafficking, of a 3 year old female, after her private parts were tampered with using a pair of scissors.  This occurred on the 07/03/2021, at around 9am, at Hollywood, Wasswa Zone, in Katwe.

The complainant Atuhaire Prossy, a 30 year old businesswoman, at around 9 am, requested her neighbour Naturinda Juliet, to look after her two children; a 3 year old female juvenile and her two year old younger brother.  She returned in the evening at around 6pm, and picked her two children. But while walking home, she realised her daughter was limping in pain and when she inquired from her what had happened, the victim narrated her ordeal, how the neighbours maid, identified as Allen Nduhukire, took a pair of scissors and injured her private parts.  Her clitoris sustained a cut but did not fall off.  The victim was subjected to further medical examination and attention.  A team of counsellors from the SGBV/CFPU Katwe, were counselling the victim.

The suspect Allen Nduhukire, 18 year old, housemaid of Makindye Division is to be charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Children C/S3(1)(a) and 5(a) of the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act 2009.  She used means of force or abuse of power or position of vulnerability of the victim, for the purpose of harmful rituals or practices.

CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

15th March 2021

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