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As you are all aware, the country continues to mourn and grieve, over the death of 42 people, including 37 children, in the most recent deadly terrorist attack, at Lhubirira Secondary School in Mpondwe, Kasese. We want to emphasize, that the attack on innocent children is barbaric, inhumane and constituted, crimes against humanity. As a county, we continue to stand by each other, in the fight against terrorism. No matter how heinous the attack or how brutal or inhumane the methods used, the ADF will not be able to succeed in demolishing the solidarity of Ugandans, in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Out of the 42, who died, 37 were students. So far 25 bodies have been examined on post mortem at Bwera hospital. The list of the dead includes;

1. Muhindi Wapalya, a 25 year old, male adult.

2. Kiiza Khabugho Rosette, a 15 year old, female student

3. Kamalha Rusia, a 15 year old, female S.2 female student.

4. Kule Martin, a 22 year old, male S.3, male student

5. Masereka Eliton, a 17 year old, male S.3 student

6. Masika Rosette, a 17 year old, female student

7. Katusime Ruth, a 20 year old, female student

8. Nzabake Mackline, an 18 year old, female S.2 student

9. Mbusa Kirilhuhandi, a 47 year old, school watchman

10.Nyakato Eliza, a 19 year old female, S.2 student

11.Biira Ronet, a 17 year old, female S.3 student

12.Biira Gauba, a 20 year old, female student

13.Mbambu Junior, a 20 year old, female student

14.Kabugho Jovibine, a 16year old, female, S.1 student

15.Biira Melvine, a 14 year old, female S.1 student

16.Ithungu Marion, a 22 year old, female student

17.Ithungu Joy, a 17 year old, female S.3 student

18.Biira Amina Rashid, a 17 year old female juvenile.

19.Masereka Zakayo, a 70 year old, male peasant.

20.Masika Florence, a 95 year old, female peasant

21.Ithungu Regina, a 16 year old, female student

22.Kabugo Masiline, an 18 year old female, S.1 student

23.Ithungu mackline, a 12 year old, female student in S.1

24.Khabugho Janet, a 16year old, female student in S.1

25.Khabugho Bridget Deya, a 16 year old, female student of …

So far 23 bodied have been handed over to the relatives for burial. Two bodies are not yet claimed.

Yesterday, 18.06.2023, our medical and forensic teams examined 17 burnt bodies from the mortuary in Fortportal. All the 17 burnt bodies, were male, and the burns were distributed all over the bodies, both front and back. One of the victims, had an additional gunshot wound. Another had dry flame burns (dense soot in the airway). The forensic team picked DNA samples from the bodies and from relatives for DNA comparison.

A total of 6 injured persons, are still admitted, 4 remain in Bwera hospital, 1 was transferred to Kiruddu and an additional 1 was, transferred to Mulago National Referral Hospital. Those admitted include;

1. Aliganyira Wilfred, aged 21, who was transferred to Kiruddu hospital, with severe burns for better management.

2. Tumwebaze Godwin, aged 32 who was transferred to Mulago National Referral Hospital, with a head injury for better management.

3. Mbambu Felistus, a 50-year-old, female adult, still in critical condition at Bwera hospital.

4. Kule Erias, aged 18 years, still admitted at Bwera hospital with a cut wound on the left side of the head.

5. Mumbere Godwin, a 16-year-old, male juvenile still admitted at Bwera hospital with a gun shot would on the left side of the head.

6. Isingoma Julius,a 21 year old, male adult, still admitted at Bwera Hospital with soft tissue injuries.

The survivors recovered from the incident are now 4. These include; Mumbere Edgar, Kato Moses, Muhindo Steven and Kambesa Gideon.

At least 20 suspected ADF collaborators have been arrested, to assist with our investigations. These include the Director and Headteacher of Lhubirira Secondary School. These kinds of attacks are a strong reminder, to all Ugandans and visitors, in the country, that a threat environment still exists.

More updates will be availed accordingly.



SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

19th June 2023


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