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The leadership of the joint security agencies has come out to express its gratitude to all security personnel, for successfully policing the swearing-in ceremony of the New President of the Republic of Uganda on 12/05/2021. As witnessed across the country, security was extra alert, with very robust overt and covert presence on foot and motorized patrols, at hotspots and tactical areas countrywide.  At the end of the day, it enabled us to protect the New President, all visiting heads of State, VIPs, dignitaries and all other invitees. We thank them all for taking time to attend and witness the swearing-in ceremony. It was an affirmation of our democratic system and a reminder to all Ugandans and in particular the electorate, that it is their voices which count. The joint leadership of the security agencies are pleased with how the ceremony turned out to be one of the safest. All credit goes to the very effective planning out of the security master plan 2021.

Our focus now is on the swearing-in of parliamentary and local government positions during this week. Even if there are lesser threats at this level, we continue to assess the security posture at tactical and operational level, in anticipation of all forms of threats and vulnerabilities. All our territorial commanders are tasked to ensure all invited persons follow the health, safety and security protocols in place.

As we congratulate the successful politicians swearing this week, we would like to inform them that due to their status, they are potential target for fraudsters, loan sharks and money lenders, who will attempt to use all sorts of tactics to lure them as VIPs into financial deals that appear too attractive. Others will use aggressive tactics, to extort money out of them.

We therefore, call upon them to be very vigilant and follow their instincts when they come across such attempts by greedy and despicable individuals. The police and sister security agencies shall respond appropriately when any reports of fraud are brought to its attention.

Once again congratulations to the New President, all Hon. Members of Parliament and Local Council Leaders.


CP Fred Enanga

Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force



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