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The Joint Security Teams of CID and Crime Intelligence, have arrested Chelimo Julius, the LC5 Chairperson of Bukwo district, who was on the police wanted list, for the alleged Aggravated Defilement, forceable confinement and trafficking of a 16year girl victim and S.3 student in one of the schools in Sebei region. It is alleged that the suspect during the month of May 2022, trafficked and sexually assaulted, the 16-year-old victim, at various places in Mbale, Bukwo, Kapchorwa and Budaka district.

As you are all aware, cases of Aggravated Defilement or sexual assault are very serious in nature, and that is the reason why a thorough investigation was carried out. We gathered crucial evidence on the victim, exhibits of material value and very good account of witnesses. We additionally sent out summons to the suspect, which he defied. He instead started evading arrest for over 3 months and resorted to the use of blackmail and threats to whoever he suspected of tracking and trailing him for arrest.

It was after several failed attempts, that our joint task teams obtained information about his hide out in Bukwo district, which we located and arrested him. He was further transferred to the CID Headquarters, in Kibuli for further interviewing and court action.

To all our local leaders and politicians, it is absolutely paramount that girl victims feel safe in society under your guidance and protection as role models who are always held to high standards.

The IGP has applauded the task teams from CID and CI, for the brilliant work they did in tracking down the wanted suspect. This serves as a warning to all wanted criminal suspects, that we will relentlessly pursue them using all available resources and make sure they are brought to justice.

The UPF maintains its zero tolerance for all acts of sexual violence against vulnerable persons.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

31st October 2022



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