Kyambogo Student Murdered at Hostel

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Jinja Road Police is holding one Mutaya Felix suspected of murdering his fellow student at Kyambogo University Monday night 23/5/2016.

Zedrick Sia a 24 year old second year student at Kyambogo University pursuing Bachelors in Economics and statistics was murdered yesterday.

It’s alleged that Mutaya Felix, a first year student pursuing Bachelors in Economics and Statistics returned to the hostel while drunk and started making noise.

Mutaya’s noise was disturbing the rest of the students who were reading and others sleeping.

Zedrick who was the Head of Fox African Hostel tried to advise Mutaya to lower his voice but instead Mutaya grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Zedrick collapsed and he was rushed to a clinic in Banda which referred them to the University hospital located 100 meters from the Kyambogo University Eastern gate.

The university hospital which has capacity to accommodate a maximum of 100 patients at a time could not handle Zedrick’s condition.

The former head of Fox African Hostel was referred to Nsambya Hospital located 8.7 kilometers from the university where he passed on.

Mutaya was arrested and he will face murder charges when investigations are complete.


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