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Equipment and materials theft is a serious problem for some of Ugandan service providing institutions.

We have arrested a man identified as Kamugisha Kenneth is for vandalising and stealing valuable equipment belonging to National Water and Sewage Cooperation

Kamugisha revealed to our team that he had been initiated into the deal of stealing thus equipment by his friend who works as a casual labourer at the National Water and Sewage Cooperation Kyaliwajala Branch.
The stolen equipment is worth three million Ugandan shillings on market narrated the suspect.

The operation leading to the arrest was headed by the OC Kiwologoma C/ASP Twesigomwe Edward at around 11pm last night.

The suspect is being charged with theft of national water equipment and is to be tried at Buganda Road Utility Court where all cases relating to National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) are handled.

Thieves regularly prey on large pieces of equipment. These criminals, many of whom collaborate with employees, know exactly what they want and steal it with ruthless efficiency.

The theft of such a large piece of equipment might be less common than for smaller items, but when it happens, the loss is more expensive.


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