Know Your Health Status – Officers Told

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Police officers from North Kyoga Region (Oyam District) have been told to know their health status.

SSP Kwerit Christopher, the Head of Political Education in the Uganda Police Force told the officers during the ongoing rectification campaign, this time, at Oyam Central Police Station.

“You are aware of various illness like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis among others.
Go and get tested. Check and immunized. If you find you are positive, do not lose hope, start immediately on the medication. Getting sick is not the end of the world. Don’t let stigma kill you, ” SSP Kwerit while addressing officers.

He also warned officers against producing many children they can’t look after.

“Avoid opening up many outposts by producing many children. Stop sleeping around with any woman you come across. Why do you produce very many children that you can not efficiently look after? I am therefore encouraging you that the future looks bright and we still need you, so you must keep yourself strong, avoid drinking, womanizing and concentrate on your work,” he added.

Kwerit also urged officers to work hard saying, “Let your performance be known, be seen and be obvious so that when chances come for promotion, you are easily identified through your discipline, relationship with the commanders and the public, have hope.”

Through the rectification campaign, senior officers listen and respond to issues faced by upcountry officers, what affects their performance and find immediate solutions to those that can be managed while others are referred to top management at headquarters in Kampala

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