Keep discipline, Integrity – Officers Told 

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23 Police Officers from the Uganda Police Force nominated for the UN mission in Sudan (UNMISS) got their last briefing by the Director peace support operations Grace Turyagumanawe cautioning them on discipline and integrity as key components in accomplishing their task in this mission.

This briefing took place at Police Headquarters Naguru 16th .08.2018 .

“Where you are going , we emphasize discipline”.This is international policing where you will come into contact with many people from all backgrounds.

“These missions emphasize integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity. Its imperative to respect and tolerate other people’s belief’s , behavior, and other diversities” Mr. Turyagumanawe said.

He urged the officers to remain patriotic with a strong spirit of nationalism for their country. it’s important to avoid rumors as they are bound to distract and compromise your work ethics.
He further cautioned the officers never to engage in acts of corruption, and other acts that will compromise their performance.

He warned them against having sex with nationals because of the grave consequences that this would bring about.

“There is zero tolerance on corruption, sexual abuse and exploitation. Avoid indulging in sex while on mission. You will get into trouble including prosecution, or dismissal from the mission”.He warned.

Officers were guided on the importance of maintaining their family ties even when they will be far a way. This entails sharing the facts about their departure, planning for the family in their absence and more so the aspect of finance management.

“Have a plan for this mission .share this plan with your spouses , make sure that this mission will build and strengthen your families because of the financial aspect in it and the opportunities embedded therein”.

AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe in a parental tone shared with the officers many scenarios on how missions have had negative effects for individual officers and their families yet these were opportunities that were misused ,abused or missed. He rallied them to tap into those opportunities that will enable them grow professionally, giving them an economic edge over others that haven’t yet enjoyed the opportunity of serving in the mission.

“Don’t entertain rumour mongers. They have spoilt people’s families. They will kill your families so in case of any challenges, let the contingent commander know so as to find solutions,” he said.

The contingent commander Assistant Commissioner of Police John Cohen Arinaitwe pledged to lead his team and accomplish tasks ahead of him successfully. The team will set off on 9th September 2018 for a one year mission on south Sudan.

Emilian Kayima, the police publicist asked the officers to learn to document their journey, write a will as a blue print in case they die in the mission. He equally asked them to plan well when it comes to investment, looking at purchasing of land as a good investment yet its riddled with many smart fraudsters.

The officers will go on September 9, 2018.


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