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The territorial police in Kassanda is actively investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Nanyanzi Diana, a 35 year old, female councilor, of Myanzi and Nalutuntu sub-counties, in Kassanda District. The death occurred on 10th/03/2021 at her home in Gambwa parish,Nalutuntu subcounty kassanda district.
The task team of investigators has so far established that the victim left her home in Gambwa on the 9.03.2021, at around 4.30 pm, for an appointment in Kampala, the following day of 10.03.2021. She left her house keys with her neighbor called Proscovia Mwanje and also asked her to caretake her 7 year old son.
The following day of 10.03.2021, the victim was transported back home at around 4.30pm, by a man later identified as, Hajji Masagazi, in grey, Toyota Noah, whose registration was not identified. The victim was very weak and could hardly walk or talk. It is at this stage that the sister to the victim called Nakabanda Judith, inquired from the driver, what could have happened to the victim.
He told them how he and the victim, were at Bujjuuko town, and she suddenly started complaining of stomach pains. She vomited around the place and as he was planning to take her to hospital, she objected and instead asked them to pray for her.
The relatives took her inside the house as Hajji Masagazi left, leaving behind his telephone contacts. It was later in the day, at around 7pm, that the victims condition worsened. She died as the relatives were planning on taking her to hospital.
The matter was reported at Kassanda police headquarters and investigations instituted. The body of the victim was examined on post mortem by a Medical Doctor, at kassanda health centre iv in the presence of the relatives and the body handed over to them for burial. The cause of death was indicated as natural.
However, further samples from the internal organs, were obtained and submitted to the Government Analytical Laboratory, for further forensic examination.
As we await the additional findings, we want to reject the false propaganda and misleading information that the victim was abducted and tortured to death by state actors. This is false and misleading information which should be disregarded.
We shall update the immediate family members and the public, once all information and Laboratory reports are received.

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