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On Saturday night 14th June 2014, at Kashagana in Lyantonde district, a scuffle arose between two brothers Ahimbisibwe Patrick (LC I chairperson) and Safari Ephraim over the estate of their late father. Their late father Erica Rwarika (RIP) left behind a Will on how his family properties should be shared.

The young brother Ahimbisibwe Patrick as the heir obtained letters of administration which was challenged by his older brother Safari Ephraim and this matter was handled by the High court in Mbarara.
On the night of 14th June 2014, the two sides attacked each other at Katagala cell, Katebe parish, Kashagama Sub County and two people were injured in the scuffle. A guard at the farm of the Inspector Gen. of police Gen. Kale Kayihura shot in the air to disperse the fighting groups as the police of Lyantonde came in to manage the scene.

The injured were issued with police form 3 for medical examination while statements of the two sides and the witnesses were also recorded. Investigations into charges of assault are under way and the file has been submitted to the state Attorney’s office for further legal advice. In the mean time, we have advised the bigger family to sit together and try to resolve these differences as continued strife and fighting could lead to loss of life and property.

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