Kamwokya Calm and peaceful

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There was a minor scuffle in Kamwokya that Police quickly handled and restored order immediately without anything serious registered. There are rumours in the social media that it’s on fire, this totally false. The situation in  Kamwkoya is calm and peaceful and people are going on with their lawful businesses. There are also reports that there are roads that have been blocked by demonstrators in certain parts of the country, this is not true, and there is no road that has been closed or blocked by the demonstrators.

We warn wrong elements who are bent on spreading false information to cause fear and panic amongst the public that the long arm of the law will catch with them. Accordingly, Penal Code Act, section 115 (c) specifically is very clear on this.

We want to urge Ugandans to remain calm and to continue with their day to day duties knowing that the security is normal.


SP Patrick Onyango 

Deputy Spokesperson 

Uganda Police Force


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