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After several years of relative calm and peace, the Joint Securing Agencies have started registering a slight increase, in deadly attacks against police officers and the subsequent robbery of their guns.  The recent attack and double murder of CPL Nsubuga Francis and SPC Ddimba Paul at Nakasozi police post, now brings the number of police officers killed in the last 4 months while on duty to 6 and the missing guns increased to 6.The two officers were buried on the 19.12.2021, in Kiboga and Nakaseke districts respectively.  Our thoughts and prayers go to their families, friends, colleagues and relatives.

The attacks appear more unique, because the security personnel are targeted for their guns, by an extreme and hostile group of attackers.  Going by their utterances in Sekanyonyi where they shouted “freedom” and in Kyankwanzi, they claimed they were targeting security officers and their government”, makes their agenda political one. As a country, we have faced such kind of attacks that were perpetuated by Major Herbert Itongwa and Dr. Kiyingi.  We successfully countered and dismantled them.

We want to assure the public that, despite the challenging environment and increased attacks against police officers in police posts, we remain committed to protecting all Ugandans and visitors in the country, and ensuring their safety.  We have completed our review of the threats and vulnerabilities to all police posts.  Some have been strengthened while others merged.  In addition, we have updated our routines, issued new guidelines, improved intelligence and effectively equipped them, as they implement their duty to protect and serve the public.

To protect all Ugandans and visitors, we have to ensure the safety and security of all our law enforcement personnel.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

20th December 2021


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