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The Joint Security Agencies of the UPF, UPDF and Intelligence in Rwenzori West Region at Fortportal, has so far arrested 5 notorious suspects and recovered 5 guns in its crackdown on armed robberies within the region, since the beginning of the year. But of significant importance, is the fact that, they effectively coordinated with their counterparts in the DRC, the arrest of Saturday Barasa Peter, the mastermind behind the string of Aggravated robberies in Ntoroko and the surrounding areas. He was arrested from Bunia RDC, and handed over to the Joint Territorial Team for further court action. So far 4 guns have been recovered from the criminal gang.

The suspect with his other accomplices Mugume, Kiiza, Tibasiima Yokasi, Festo of Kanara and Katusabe Rogers and Katusabe Haga of Nyakasenyi who are all still at large, were involved in several cases of robbery. After every successful mission they would immediately cross into the DRC and hide there.

The same gang is behind a string of other robberies in Ntoroko district. On the 18.09.2022, around 11pm, the gang attacked Mutegeki Timothy at his home and shot him, and robbed an unspecified amount of money that he was keeping for the village association. On the 11.05.2022, they robbed Muhindo Lusiya of Karugutu cash Ugx 1.5m; on the 24.05.2022, they robbed Kahuma Charles of Kanara Ugx 24m; on the 26.07.2022 they robbed Kirokimu Jonathan of Nyakasenyi Ugx 2.7m; on the 24.08.2022, they robbed Mayungwe Joel inside Semuliki Game Reserve of Ugx 6.5m.

They in addition on the 10.08.2022, they robbed a motorcycle registration number UFP 798X from Kagoro Karim of Karugutu, which was later recovered in Budiiba; on the 7.08.2022, they attempted to rob Namulema Sylivia a mobile money dealer of Kanara; they however, robbed Ugx 300,000/= from Muthalinga Warren of Kanara and Ugx 600,000/= from Mulyati Harrison of Kanara; on the 17.08.2022, they robbed Katusabe Topista of Kanara ugx 500,000 and on the 21.08.2022, they robbed Nanteza Beatrice of Ugx 360,000/=.

The arrest of the notorious gang leader is a very big achievement in the efforts of the Joint Security Agencies. The motive behind the wave of gun violence was established to be financial gains. The suspect is going to be held accountable for the string of Aggravated Robberies, as a serious manhunt for his accomplices continues.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

10th October 2022

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