Joint Communique between Uganda Police and Rwanda National Police

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1. In the context of bilateral police cooperation aimed at combating cross border and transnational crimes such as; terrorism, drug trafficking, cyber-crime and human trafficking, sharing of best practices and capacity building; a meeting for the Chiefs of Police of the Republics of Uganda and Rwanda was held in Mbarara-Uganda on 20th October 2016.

2. The meeting was attended by delegates from the two Police Forces. The Rwandan delegation was led by CG Emmanuel K. GASANA, the Inspector General of Rwanda National Police as Co-Chairperson, and the Ugandan delegation was led by Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of the Uganda Police Force as the Chairperson.

3. The objectives of the meeting were to enhance police cooperation, review progress of implementation of previous resolutions and lay strategies for the way forward.

4. The meeting was officially opened by the Inspector General of Uganda Police Force, Gen Kale Kayihura, who welcomed the CG Emmanuel K. GASANA, the Inspector General of Rwanda National Police and his delegation to Uganda. He congratulated him for his contribution in building security in the region, steering bilateral cooperation, hosting INTERPOL General Assembly and other regional meetings. The Inspector General of Uganda Police Force emphasized the need for working together in order to facilitate the growth and development of the two countries as set out in their respective national strategies.

5. On his part, the Inspector General of Police, Rwanda National Police thanked his counterpart for the invitation and hospitality accorded to him and his delegation right from the border. He appreciated the importance of the establishment of a One Stop Border Post (OSBP) such as the one in Kagitumba/Mirama Hills. He also noted the benefits so far realized since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and the excellent cooperation and mutual support between Uganda Police Force and Rwanda National Police.

6. The Chiefs of Police reiterated their commitment to put into place mechanisms that will foster peace and security in the region.

7. They re-affirmed their commitment to enhancing cooperation in the fight against transnational crimes and timely sharing of information.

8. They further noted the progress reports on the implementation of the previous resolutions and the joint activities undertaken since the last meeting.

9. The meeting deliberated on various areas of security interest and subsequently adopted the following resolutions:
a. To enhance timely exchange of information and intelligence on criminal syndicates.
b. To develop and update a joint watch list of wanted persons.
c. To build capacity through development of police doctrine, curriculum, infrastructure, exchange of instructors and students, as well as embracing ICT led policing and conducting simulation exercises.
d. To enhance security along the Northern corridor
e. To foster security along our common border in particular strengthen joint community policing initiative.
f. To pursue the concept of “twining’’ in policing initiatives.
g. To establish a joint secretariat composed of heads of NCBs and Police liaison officers to harmonize, coordinate and make follow up of resolutions.
h. To form clusters based on the functional areas of; Counter Terrorism, Investigations/CID, Crime intelligence, e-policing, Traffic and road safety, Legal, Human Resource Development, Border security, Disaster management, Welfare and Production, Information and research, and any other area that may from time to time be found necessary to form into a cluster. The clusters will carry out their tasks by developing action plans and submitting monthly reports to the Chiefs of Police through the secretariat.
i. Heads of Intelligence to conduct cross-border/transnational security threat assessment and submit monthly intelligence estimates to the Chiefs of Police
j. To make joint reports during the review meetings.
k. To ensure that our police cooperation is oriented towards the implementation of the Northern Corridor Integration projects.
l. To harmonize the respective country positions in the regional and international bodies
m. To hold quarterly bilateral review meetings

10. The next meeting will be held in Rwanda in January 2017 on a date to be agreed upon by the two Chiefs of Police.

Done at Mbarara-Uganda on 20 October, 2016

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Gen. Kale KAYIHURA CG Emmanuel K. GASANA
Inspector General of Police Inspector General of Police
Uganda Police Force Rwanda National Police


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