IOV meets heads of driving schools

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In a bid to streamline the activities, operations of driving schools, and improving Road Safety, The Acting Commissioner Inspectorate of Vehicles [I.O.V ] SP Eng. Waiswa Patrick has today met all owners and proprietors of driving schools in Uganda at Police headquarters in Naguru.

During the meeting, the CP IOV, informed the owners of the driving schools that the Police is rolling out a new digital system that will monitor the work of driving schools and how the officers at IOV inspect the applicants from driving schools. The system will also monitor content being taught, how many applicants the school is training, facilties used and their effectiveness, and then be able to give an exam to the applicants online or off-line.

He reminded the participants that road safety lies in their hands.

“It’s our duty and responsibility to improve driving standards in the country. It is you who trains the drivers. So, we have to sit together and find means of improving road safety and we can only achieve that if you produce good drivers on the roads,” he said.

The effort, Eng. Waiswa, says is aimed at ensuring that everyone acquiring driving permits/Lincense is trained by driving schools because “the driving schools are the ones with the curriculum of driving from the government.”

The Inspectorate of Vehicle Inspection is responsible for vehicle inspection, driver testing and car fitness in Uganda.

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