IOM Donates Equipment to Police

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The International Organization of Immigration (IOM) yesterday donated equipment to the Directorate of Chief Political Commissariat.
The function took place at Police headquarters Naguru.
“We have a very good working relationship with the Uganda Police. One of the major objectives for this project is create dialogue between the police and the community and this is one of the areas that this program has shown success and I want to thank you for supporting this initiative,” Ali Abdi, the head of IOM said while delivering the donation.

He revealed that the program will, in turn bring the community closer so that they can understand that the police is in place for them.

“This will create the trust so that the community will be able to help the police. We believe that this equipment will allow improve the work and we still looking to see how we can enhance the program,” he said.

Donated equipments included 6 sets of computers, three printers, 6 mobile phones and 6 UPS’s which were delivered by the delegation and head International Organization of Immigration, Ali Abdi.

According to the Deputy Head Community Policing in the Uganda Police Force, Anatoly Muletelwa, the ongoing program dubbed Early Warning System started way back with the Directorate of Counter Terrorism adding, Community Policing Directorate being the pillar of community mobilization was brought on board in order to mobilize people in giving them information and also to monitor the warnings that come as a result of anticipations or causes to violence.

“Today we are witnessing a new chapter in our partnership with IOM. This equipment in terms of computers communication gadgets and printers will enable us monitor problems that can easily result into violence. By so doing, we shall be able to monitor and put in place response means.” Muletelwa said.

He noted that early warning system is designed to be placed in key strategic areas as a pilot study in crime prone areas of Kabalagala, Katwe, Old Kampala and Bwaise to provide information, generate intelligence and then design responses.

The Chief Political Commissar, AIGP Asan Kasingye commended IOM for the kind gesture.

He noted that the donation will be of value addition to the program.

“Let’s put our heads together to see that we use this equipment, put our best officers, motivate them , supervise and inspect them to enable the police perform better and be able to respond early enough in order to avert possible crimes,” AIGP Kasingye said.

He added that: “One of the things that I have liked here is the early working mechanism. It’s not good enough to go to the streets and start engaging people without first all engaging the stake holders in crime prevention. I think it’s better to prevent crimes before they are committed and, to be able to prevent crime, your must understand the psychology, reasons for the commission of crime and methodologies.”

Early Warning System, to which IOM has donated to is a strategy intending to fight violent extremism in Uganda.

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