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We continue to investigate the fatal shooting of the Ag. CAO Bukwo district, Mr. Charles Robert Ogwal, which occurred on the 8.07.2022 at around 11:30pm, at Kiryowa village, along Bombo road. The preliminary facts gathered, indicate that the victim travelled from Bukwo to Mbale, with his driver, Eric Chemusto, aged 23, in motor vehicle, registration number, UG0865Z. While in Mbale, the victim had plans of travelling to Kampala via Lira. He however, changed his mind and they drove to Kampala. They reached Mukono after 10am and proceeded to Wandegeya, Ntinda, Konge, Kisaasi among other places.

At around 8pm, he dropped his driver at Liberty Guest House in Kireka, to enable him travel by bus to Bukwo district, while he drives himself to Lira. The victim drove and reached Bwaise at around 9:23pm, Kawempe up to Kagoma where he delayed a bit. At around 11:12pm, he drove past the CCTV camera site at Kiryagonja ward, while heading towards Bombo.

It was at Kiryowa cell, Kiryamuli ward, Gombe division, that he was stopped by an armed group of strangers, and he parked aside. The attackers inquired whether he was Mr. Ogwang, and it is at this stage that he sensed danger and he told them that he was his driver. They removed his wallet and phone, which they checked. After establishing his true identify, the assailants fired several bullets at him from the passenger side. This was an account of the victim to the medical staff at Bombo Military Hospital, as they tried to give him First Aid. Its unfortunate that the victim succumbed to the injuries.

We also got a very clear account from two other victims who were driving a tri-cycle, registration number UFF849H, who were also rushed to the hospital, after their tri-cycle, over turned and injured them. They clearly narrated how they fled to a nearby bush when the gunshots began, and how the attack was being recorded on a smart phone, by one of the assailants for their proof. The attackers also set the motor vehicle on fire, with the victim inside before escaping from the scene.

We do strongly believe that the victim was targeted. The killing was not random but pre-meditated, pre-planned and targeted. At this stage, the motive of the fatal shooting has not yet been determined, although we rule out robbery or domestic terrorism.

So far 4 suspects have been arrested including the driver and another suspect who was arrested while hiding in the bush near the scene. A total of 26 cartridges were recovered from the scene, a grey jacket, a gun butt, blood specimen and empty tins of yoghurt. The wreckage of the burnt double cabin pick-up and the motorcycle were also removed from the scene.

We appreciate that an incident of this nature, causes panic and understandable concern in the public. We however, want to reassure the public that we have leads that will help us establish the full circumstances of the incident and the identity of all culprits involved in the planning, preparation and execution of the targeted murder.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

11th July 2022





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