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We wish to inform the public and in particular motorists, that despite several reminders, stressing the need for motorists, outside the essential category, to comply with the curfew timings of 6pm for motorcycles/bodabodas; and 9pm, for motorists, we continue to observe an increase in the number of defaulters and violators of the curfew provisions.

As a result we have taken a deliberate decision to aggressively enhance our enforcement measures on motorists, outside the essential category, who fail to comply. We are going to impound all motorcycles/bodabodas beyond the 6pm restricted timing, and motor vehicles beyond the 9pm restricted timing.  Additional sanctions will include arrests, fines and penalties irrespective of whether you are a driver, rider, passenger or occupant.

In addition, all proprietors of fuel stations who continue to park motor vehicles and motorcycles, will be subjected to further investigations, on parking authorisations, as we arrange to impound all motor vehicles and motorcycles parked at respective fuel stations.

The Joint Security Agencies remain committed to ensuring all frontline officers, work in a transparent and accountable manner, while enforcing the curfew.  These are tough but necessary measures, aimed at protecting the health, safety and security of all Ugandans and visitors in the country.

CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

11th May 2021

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