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As you are all aware the month of December, is a holiday season full of parties, celebrations, shopping, travelling and thanksgiving among others. During this period, we anticipate an increase in criminal activity and other threats to public safety, that can easily ruin the festive season for all of us.

As a result, we have commenced crack-down operations aimed at tackling crime disorders, burglaries, village thefts of animals and food, robberies, traffic violations etc. We have increased patrols, visibility and other security interventions, that will run through Christmas and into the New Year to ensure our country remains safe to live, work and celebrate the holiday. There is already significant work by our officers, policing the rural areas. During this stage we anticipate more farm invasions and thefts, and have put up consistent measure, across all regions.

We have also partnered with all shopping, and business centres, markets, and the transport sector, authorities in cities and major towns, to ensure their localities and businesses remain crime-free, allowing families to safely enjoy this run-up to Christmas.

The public should, therefore, not be alarmed by the increased presence of police and military personnel on routine patrol. They are there to protect residents, shoppers and businesses. We know the vast majority of people living in the country are law abiding citizens who do not deserve to have their lives disrupted by the actions of a few notorious criminal elements.

We want to strongly warn, anyone with the intention of causing trouble or committing crime, that they should expect to be dealt with robustly and face the prospect of spending the festive season behind bars. The crack down operations are by a team of dedicated officers, who are prepared to do everything within their means to deliver a safe, experience for everyone, visiting, living or working in our country.

We further call upon anyone who sees anything suspicious wherever they are to alert the nearest security unit, LC, or call our emergency numbers on 0707600773 /0776999136 or 0800199699.






SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

12th December 2022

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