Inspectorates of vehicles undergo refresher course

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A total of 28 Inspectorates Of Vehicles (I.O.Vs) have attended a three day workshop at Police headquarters, Naguru aimed at refreshing and improving their service delivery to the public .
The three days workshop that started on Friday ended on Sunday 4th November 2018 and was running under the theme “Role of an Inspectorate of Vehicle in road safety”.
Deputy Director Traffic and Road Safety, Bazil Mugisha highlighted the need for refresher courses for officers.

“Let me start by appreciating the Commissioner in charge of Inspectorate of Vehicles for understanding the importance of training and human resource development.The only way to improve effective service delivery is through human resource training and development,” Mugisha said.

He urged the Inspectorates to ensure all drivers undergo thorough testing before hitting the road to avoid accidents.

“When you wake up every morning, ask your self what you are going to do. Your job is to save lives by inspecting vehicles and learner drivers thoroughly.Through that, you will be saving lives , property and the billions of money spent on accidents by the government and by so doing you are impacting people’s lives,”he noted.

“Look at it in way that every person dying on the road you could be responsible.Test drivers thoroughly and make sure they have passed.”

Acting Commissioner of inspectorate of vehicles,ACP Kirungi Suleiman added his voice on the need to have inspectorate of vehicles trained.

“We have come to realize that human resource development is a very important factor in any organization so we realized a need for a basic orientation training of all inspectorates of vehicles all over the country,” he said.

Kirungi also noted that Inspectorates of vehicles are mandated by the Police Act to inspect vehicles especially those in poor mechanical conditions (DMCS),those involved in accidents and also testing drivers for competence before acquiring driving permits.

“After identifying gaps,we organized this training for the inspectorate of vehicles to realign their commitment to making an evaluation of field performance and relationship with the public,”Kirungia dded.


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