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I am Mr. John Martins Okoth – Ochola (Esq), the Inspector General of Police, and honoured to pay tribute to a Police Hero, Rtd ACP Ogole Tomson who passed on the 21.09.2021, from Lira Referral Hospital.  On my own behalf and on behalf of the entire Police Fraternity, I extend my deepest sympathies to his immediate family, friends, relatives, colleagues and the community gathered here today.  We are here to mourn his loss but also celebrate the rich and full legacy, that he has left behind as an operational legend in the police.

Rtd. ACP Ogole, served with distinction in the police for 35 years.  He joined the Uganda Police Force as a Probationer Police Constable, and completed the Initial course at Bombo Training School.  His journey in the police force was as follows;  On the 21.04.1982, he was transferred from the police college to special force Naguru, on the 8.6.1988, he was posted to police college, on the 21.1.1990,he was posted to the Mobile Police Patrol Unit (Anti-Riot Unit) on the 20.08.2000 he was transferred as DPC Kawempe, then as DPC Kapchorwa on the 20.07.2001, and on the 3.4.2006, he was transferred to PTS Masindi, as a Firearms Instructor.  He was one of the best firearms instructor, and would fire an AK47-SMG with one hand.  On the 27.09.2007, he was transferred to HRD, as a Firearms Training Officer.  He then joined RELOKA, and was transferred to North Eastern Region, Kidepo, as RPC, and retired on the 11.01.2015, as the Commandant Anti-Stock Theft Unit (Katakwi).

He rose through the ranks from Probation Police Constable (1980), was confirmed after two years on 01.03.1983 as a Police Constable, Corporal (1983), Sergeant (1985), Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP – 1988), Inspector of Police (1990), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP – 1996); Superintendent of Police (SP-1998),Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP – 2008); and Retired as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP-2012).  He earned all these ranks through hard work.


We honor and celebrate Rtd. ACP Ogole, like I said because he was a legend in Police Operations.  His abilities of good tactic, command and control in field of knowledge, were identified, when he emerged as the best Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), in his group in 1983.  He was a very brave, strong, and dedicated officer, who worked diligently in our dreaded units of the Special Force, MPPU and ASTU; to eradicate illegal weapons in the Karamoja, Counter Insurgents as he was very instrumental in defeating the Itongwa rebel group and dangerous criminals while in MPPU.
He had strength of character, decency, courage and the commitment, which are common virtues about police.  I witnessed as his supervisor, first hand the great work that he and his team, did in flushing out dangerous criminals on our streets and in the field.
Under his tough exterior, he was a family man with children.  He had faith, great love and compassion for his family. Together with the community from this village, and the parents, I want to thank each and everyone of you who contributed to his upbringing. You gave him a chance to keep our country, Uganda safe.  To the family, I know its hard to cope with such a profound loss, and I pray you remain strong. Always reach out to us for any help within our means.

For those who do not know; the police badge is a very heavy badge due to high expectations from the public.  We are on deployment everyday of our service, and we do not have a final victory in the fight against crime.  In all the 35 years, Rtd. ACP Ogole, did not ask for thanks and it is this time, that I ask you all, to give him recognition and appreciation for the great service he offered, and the sacrifices he and his family made.
I personally, will remember him as my instructor, and my being IGP, is part of his legacy, I am privileged to tell you that although we have lost a hero, just 6 years into his retirement, he leaves behind a gift of his legacy.  His contribution and difference will be captured in the Police Memorial at the Police Museum.

To Rtd. ACP Ogole, we say to you: Well done, good and faithful servant.  Thank you for your heroism and service and may you Rest in Eternal Peace.

J.M Okoth-Ochola (Esq.)
25th Sept. 2021

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