Inspector General of Police

Defying Court Order by FDC and Dr. Besigye

Press Release

Public statements by leaders of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) including Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye, as well as correspondence to the Inspector General of Police show that they do not intend to comply with the interim order issued by the Constitutional Court on the 29th April 2016 in respect to the defiance campaign started by Rtd. Col Dr. Kizza Besigye and the FDC party.

For the information of the public, the court order was issued against the FDC and Rtd Dr. Kizza Besigye, their agents, officials, supporters or any other person acting under their authority, stopping them from engaging in demonstrations, processions, other public meetings, media campaigns or pronouncements in furtherance of their defiance campaign. The order, also, specifically stops the planned demonstrations, and the processions by the FDC in the city and in the rest of the country (as they planned to do) on 5th May 2016 or any other day.

Noteworthy, the Police and other law enforcement agencies are bound by the Constitution to enforce court orders. In fact, Act 128(3) of the Constitution states as follows,

“All organs and agencies of the state shall accord to the courts such assistance as may be required to ensure the effectiveness of the courts”

Accordingly, the Police is duty bound to ensure that the Interim Court order is complied with. We therefore, caution the FDC leadership, electronic and print media, as well as the public that the Tuesday and Thursday demonstrations in form of prayers that are routinely held at FDC headquarters and party branches fall into this category of assemblies and demonstrations prohibited by the court order. To avoid clashing with the law, FDC leaders and supporters should respect the court order, and stop holding the demonstrations. If they are not satisfied with the order, the course of action they have is to go to court and get it overturned. Otherwise, it is good law and MUST be complied with. Thus, whoever ignores the order and goes ahead to engage in those prohibited demonstrations should know they will be in contempt of court and shall be criminally liable.

On our part, we assure the public that we have taken precautionary measures to ensure law and order, safety and security in the city and the country as Uganda prepares for the swearing-in ceremony of the President elect on 12th May 2016.

Furthermore, we wish to assure the public that, as part of our security preparations, we are putting in place counter terrorism measures in view of reported threats by Al Shabab, or by any other group that may be tempted to use the swearing-in ceremony to launch terror attacks on Uganda.

We call upon members of the public to be vigilant, and, as usual we count on your cooperation to ensure that the forces that plan to undermine the security and stability of our country are defeated.


Gen Kale Kayihura

Inspector General of Police



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