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The IGP Mr. J.M.Okoth-Ochola, has on his own and on the behalf the UPF, paid tribute to PC Kungu Amos, who was killed in the line of duty, during the deadly suicide bomb attack at CPS Kampala, on the 16.10.2021. The officer was manning the check point at CPS, when he was killed in the bomb attack. He left behind a wife.
The IGP expressed his profound gratitude for the Valor and sacrifice of the officer, when he selflessly guarded the check point. In so doing he saved his fellow officers and the much collateral damage that could have occurred on the police station, buildings, cars, other properties and people’s lives at CPS and its neighborhood.

In his tribute which was delivered by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anatoli Muleterwa, he said ” We stand united with you in this soulful moment, when we remember the contribution, sacrifice and resilience, the gallant PC Kungu Amos, rendered in defending his country. We will forever remember him and hold his soul in prayers and in our hearts. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
To the widow, the immediate family members, relatives, friends and colleagues, he extended a cash contribution and reassurance that those who have given their lives so selflessly, will leave a lasting legacy and will never be forgotten.
The tribute took place at his ancestral home in Moru village, kiryolo parish, kaderuna sub county in Budaka District.

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